Sinclair is reversing this alarming trend.

“Literally no one else but Sinclair Health Clinic is taking care of these patients.”

– a local Maternal Fetal Medicine physician while referring a pregnant patient.

The United States has been experiencing a steady increase in maternal mortality rates over the past thirty years. A trend that, as recently reported by 60 Minutes has accelerated during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The situation has been particularly dire for women of color, with a dramatic increase in maternal mortality rates in 2021. The need for affordable, comprehensive, high-quality prenatal care has become more evident than ever.

That’s why, in March 2020, Sinclair Health Clinic expanded our services to include full-term prenatal care and brought on a new provider, Lisa Farricker (shown above), with experience caring for pregnant women.

Since then, we’re proud to report that the maternal mortality rate for our full-term prenatal care patients has remained at zero, and our healthy birth rate is equally impressive.

From our founding in 1986 to today, we remain committed to our mission of providing affordable, quality healthcare to all. Every life we touch and every person we help is a testament to the importance of accessible healthcare and the vital role that Sinclair Health Clinic plays in our community.

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