Sinclair Health Clinic Pharmacy is a vital resource in our neighborhood. It provides convenient access to essential medications and professional expertise to support the health and well-being of individuals and families.

We offer prescription dispensing services, medication counseling, and medication therapy management to ensure the safe and effective use of medications.

In addition to prescription medications, our pharmacy stocks over-the-counter medications, some medical supplies, other health and wellness products, and eyeglasses.

We also enroll patients in several Prescription Assistance Programs (PAPs) offered by many drug manufacturers to help uninsured and lower-income people afford the medicine they need. Each PAP determines a patient's eligibility for assistance based on its program requirements, which vary widely. We have a dedicated Medication Assistance Coordinator to help navigate these requirements.

Sinclair Health Clinic Pharmacist - Emily

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a patient to fill my medications at the pharmacy?

No, anyone can fill medications at Sinclair Health Clinic's pharmacy. We keep our prices for patients and non-patients very low at an affordable price. Many members of the community use our pharmacy to support the clinic, or just to get their medications filled at a low price. If you have questions about medications we carry, please give us a call!

How do I get refills of my medications?

Patients can either call our medication refill line at 540-536-1686 or submit a refill request using the online form above. If you have a question and need to talk to a pharmacy staff member, please call 540-536-1680 option 2.

What is the benefit of using your pharmacy as a Sinclair Health Clinic patient?

1. For our uninsured patients, we work with several different partners to help our patients get the lowest cost of medication possible. We have partnerships with various programs to provide $0, $4, and $5 generic and brand name medications. If our pharmacy is NOT going to be the least expensive option, we can assist in therapy changes with your provider, or help you get a discount card for the medication at another pharmacy.

2. All of our patients, insured and uninsured get the added benefit of having the pharmacy in close proximity to your Sinclair Health Clinic providers. If there is a problem, or if your medication is too expensive, we can talk to your providers and make sure you get your medication quickly.

I have difficulty understanding my medications- what can you do to help?

The Sinclair Health Clinic pharmacy offers many different strategies for understanding medications. We have access to a translator service with a translator available in minutes and a bilingual pharmacy technician on our staff. In addition, we have picture cards or stickers to better help understand how to take medication and what it is used for.

What else does this pharmacy offer?
  1. Prescription eye glasses. Through "New eyes for the needy", we are able to obtain prescription eye glasses for free or a very low charge.
  2. Medical Equipment
  3. Brand medications through our Patient Assistance Program
How to I get my medications filled at your pharmacy if I currently use a different pharmacy?

If you would like to start using our pharmacy, give us a call at 540-536-1680, option 2 and we will call your current pharmacy to get your prescriptions transferred to us.

Request a Prescription Refill

Please use the form below to request a refill of your prescription. It is the number highlighted in the label shown below.


Please allow 24-48 hours for medication refills to be completed. Refills are typically completed same day if medication is in stock and refills remain on your prescription. If your medication is out of refills, allow 48-72 hours for your provider to get send a refill to the pharmacy.